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Petrovich Lectures on Russian History

Professor Michael B. Petrovich taught Russian and Balkan history at UW-Madison for 39 years. A series of his lectures on Russian history, which made a lasting impact on generations of students and public radio listeners, were made available online by CREECA in 1997.

Please see CREECA's Petrovich page to learn more about the professor and related online resources. Two series of 20 lectures each in RealPlayer format and accompanying online quizzes are available for Petrovich's courses "History 417: Russian History from 800-1800" and "History 418: Russian History from 1800-1917."

General Resources

For up-to-date, general information on the 28 countries under CREECA's area of study, consider consulting the following resources:

Resource Description
AgriSeek.com AgriSeek combines a worldwide news service with an interactive business directory and international online job market focusing on agriculture and related fields.
CIA World Factbook Reliable, concise and powerful source of demographic, political, economic, and other data on every country of the world. Updated often.
Consular Information Sheets from the US Department of State Information on visas, safety, travel warnings, and other issues with travel to these countries.
Human Rights Country Reports from the US Department of State These reports on human rights practices are submitted annually by the U.S. Department of State to the U.S. Congress.
UN Human Development Reports Data and policies for economic, political, social and cultural development. Find the yearly report you need or use the search criteria at the right to select a country or region.
U.S. Global Competence Created by the American Council on Education and Coalition for International Education, this site includes short videos about the importance of international and foreign language education as well as useful links to information on the Title VI/Fulbright-Hays programs and related U.S. Department of Education online resources.
Yahoo! Country Directory Good directory of links for each country -- including media, politics, and the arts.

Language Learning

Some of the free online resources available to those interested in learning CREECA languages include dictionaries, grammar reference materials, and beginner-level lessons in written and aural form.

Resource Name Language Description
Bab.la Language Portal Polish, Romanian, Russian, and Turkish The bab.la language portal offers dictionary translations, language quizzes & games, and vocabulary lessons. Enter your own translation, create your own language test or a vocabulary flashcard set.
Foreigncy.org Russian, Persian Foreingcy offers daily sets of digital flashcards and games that prepare intermediate to advanced learners to read a real-time news article in the critical language of their choice.
MasterRussian.com Russian This extensive online database includes grammar lessons, useful vocabulary words and phrases, language-learning tips, and links to selected sites related to the study of the Russian language.
Multitran.ru Russian A frequently updated online dictionary featuring various types of jargon, terminology, and sayings, as well as standard words.
Russian for Everyone Russian A study guide for beginner-level students and for intermediate-level students wanting to review basic grammar and vocabulary.

Country Resources

Our resources will expand to include CREECA-related countries from language courses offered at UW-Madison. Soon to come: Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and countries of the former Yugoslavia. In the meantime, please enjoy our catalog of Russia-related links.

Country Description
Russia CREECA's list of links to Russia-related websites. 40 Categories of sites, including agriculture, law, museums, photography and more.

UW-related CREECA Resources

Many of the following resources may require an authorized UW-Madison login (i.e. a valid UW-Madison NetID) or access from on campus.

Resource Description
"After Chernobyl" Photo Exhibit Former UW-Madison staff photographer Michael Forster Rothbart spent a year in Chernobyl photographing and interviewing Ukrainians who still live in the villages near the 1986 nuclear disaster. His photos and commentary are presented at www.afterchernobyl.com.
American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (ABSEES) To access this resource, please search for ABSEES at the UW-Madison E-Resource Gateway.
Carrie Full Text Library Online library of full-text resources on numerous topics.
Central Asian Interactive Listening Series (CAILS) The goal of the CAILS project is to develop and disseminate a series twenty online lessons designed to enable students with an intermediate level of proficiency in a Central Asian Turkic language to achieve advanced-level listening comprehension in Kazakh or Uzbek.
Central Eurasian Studies Review (CESR) The Central Eurasian Studies Review (CESR) is a scholarly review of research, resources, conferences, events, publications and developments in scholarship and teaching on Central Eurasia.
Central and East European Online Library (CEEOL) Large online database of periodicals on the humanities and social sciences.
CREECA Lending Library Browse titles from CREECA's very own lending library. Documentaries, feature films, music and books! Filter the catalog by language, subtitle, subject matter, keyword and more. Note: Online requests are no longer functional. Please stop in room 210 Ingraham Hall to see Nancy Heingartner for lending library requests.
CREECA Newsletter Archive Browse CREECA newsletters from 2001 onward.
CREECA Lecture Archive A directory of recorded lectures given by local and visiting professors and specialists that were sponsored by CREECA. A great resource for research or when you missed an interesting lecture on campus.
Department of Slavic Languages and Literature The Department of Slavic Languages at UW-Madison offers instruction over a broad range of languages, literatures and cultures from the Slavic world. The Department began as a Department of Polish in 1936 and assumed its present name in 1942.
EastView Database Newspapers, statistics and other data. Powerful database of publications, statistics, and other sources of information including Goskomstat. Includes foreign-language materials.
Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation (Goskomstat) Contains information on government publications of statistical data, as well as some 'handbooks' and other free sources of data. In Russian.
Inside Islam With an emphasis on interactive technology, Inside Islam creates a public forum for positive and constructive sharing of knowledge about Islam. CREECA is one of 9 UW-Madison area and international studies centers that supports Inside Islam.
International Institute The International Institute at UW-Madison leads the nation in international and area studies. Its 16 member programs cover every world region. Eight of the programs are federally funded national resource centers, a record number for the U.S. In 2006, the Institute celebrated its tenth anniversary as UW-Madison's portal to the world.
ISI Emerging Markets Database This clearinghouse includes updated news and reports on the economies, financial markets, industries, and legal sectors of selected developing countries. Many foreign-language materials.
Languages and Cultures of Asia The Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia focuses on research and teaching in the Asian humanities, with particular emphasis on cultures, literatures, religions, and languages.
Letters & Science LSS Media Catalog The Learning Support Services library collection provides audio-visual materials for over 100 foreign languages and other Letters & Science subjects.
NewsLab Eurasia The NewsLab Eurasia project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison aims to create a unique digital archive of television news from Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. NewsLab Russia, the first phase of the NewsLab Eurasia project, contains stories from the Moscow prime-time news broadcast on Russia's three national television networks--Channel One, NTV, and Rossiya--for the twelve months beginning March 1, 2007, a period that includes but is not limited to the 2007 Duma and 2008 presidential campaigns.
Russian, East European, and Central Asian Collections at UW-Library: Directory of Resources and Links Look through the pull-down menus at the top of the page for numerous resources, including journals, databases, library catalogs, and lists of resources by region.
Petrovich Lectures on Russian History CREECA's online archive of Russian history lectures by renowned UW-Madison professor Michael B. Petrovich.
Soviet Nationalities Data: 1926 and 1959 Censuses DISC (Data Information and Services Center) is located in UW-Madison's Sewell Social Science Building. The materials held by DISC may be used free of charge by all students, staff and faculty of the UW-Madison. Certain categories of materials may also be used by the general public.
UW-Madison E-Resource Gateway Search here for online resources including journals, EBSCO databases, and other sources of information.

Broadcasts from Around the World

Listen to live and recorded radio and television broadcasts on your computer.

Many radio and television stations around the world are now providing live or recorded broadcasts online. Stations which broadcast from (or in the languages of) Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia are listed here in alphabetical order by language.

Note that in some cases, especially where a station offers a variety of broadcasts, home pages for the stations are included in this list rather than direct links to the broadcast. Refer to these for programming schedules, easy selection of recorded broadcasts, and other information.

Instructions: To access these broadcasts, just click on the links below. You must have appropriate plug-ins: RealPlayer and Windows Media Player.


Russian TV Stations Online


Check out TV4all.com for a useful listing of various Russian TV broadcasts that are streamed over the internet. Content ranges from news to classic film; some require high-speed internet, others do not.

The Digital Academic Television Network (DATN) offers three Russian-language channels to anyone on the UW-Madison campus: NTV, Channel 1, and RTN. DATN provides an MPEG-1 stream that can be played on most computers using QuickTime. The stream may be too much for slow computers, but is available to those on the UW-Housing Resnet network and to those in Eagle Heights Apartments. Note that this will not work off-campus and may not work through a firewall. For more details or to watch the stream of NTV, go to: http://datn.wisc.edu/

Voice of Russia video broadband: Hour-long updated video segments from this Russian media outlet.

NTV: Part of the Media-Most holding. Broadcast in Russian.



Radio Portals

Radio Free Europe

Ituner Europe



Radio Europa E Lire



Domovina Net  (radio and video broadcasts)



Radio 101

RTV Broadcasts (radio and video in Serbo-Croatian)



Radio Prague (daily news)

KISS Hady 88.3 FM | KISS Radio Group (Stefanikova, Czech Republic -- live Top 40 programming)


DUNO Television

Radio Budapest | daily news

Voice of America (VOA)



International Radio

Radio Jowisz (Jelenia Gora, POLAND -- programming in Polish, including games)



Echo of Moscow
One  of  the  first  free  mass media in  Russia after collapse of USSR. It is the part of   Media-Most holding - private russian corporation with Mr.Gusinsky as as the main holder. Very professional and creative team. "Echo of Moscow"  spreads democratic values of  free  speech  and    open  critics  towards   Government and  other State organs.


Kultura radio - Russian page

Deutsch Welle | Russian page | Radio v "Internete"

106.8 FM (live from Moscow, 106.8 FM plays a variety of new age music 24 hours a day)

Voice of America (VOA) | 3:00 news | 8:00 news | 18:00 news

Voice of Canada (VOC)



Voice of Canada (VOC) | daily news


Webcasts and Podcasts

Center for Strategic and International Studies: Russia and Eurasia

For 50 years, the CSIS has been a leading voice in providing solutions to policy questions around the globe, and due to this expertise, their podcasts on Russia and Eurasia bring an in depth analysis to areas such as defense and security, trade, and governance.


The Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars: Kennan Institute on Russia and East Europe

The Wilson Center is a living memorial to America's 28th president, who believed that scholars and policy makers should have a place to discuss matters of importance, and since 1974, the Kennan Institute has been providing reports and analysis on the countries of East Europe, especially Russia and Ukraine.