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Agriculture Statistics of the FSU and Baltic Republics In English. From the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Agricultural Trade of the Former Soviet Republics In English. From the USDA.
AgroRus In Russian and English. Great source of links related to agriculture. A quick overview of Russian agriculture.
Foundation for Agrarian Development Research In Russian.
Russian Ministry of Agriculture In Russian and English.
State Committee of the Russian Federation of Land Resources and Land Management In Russian.

Archives in Russia ­ ArcheoBiblioBase In English with transliterated Russian links. Includes links to other archives in Russia and Ukraine.
Guide to Russian Archives In English.
Russian-American Geneological Archive Service In English. Contact information for the organization.
Russian Archive In English. Very good source of information on all of Russia¹s major archives, some document retrieval and services available.
Russian Books Archive In Russian.
Yale Russian Archive Project In English.

Art & Architecture
Art of Mikhail Vrubel In English.
Art Library of the State Russian Museum In English and Russian.
Art-Moscow In English and Russian. Includes links to artists, galleries, and art fair.s
Moscow WWW Art Centre In English.
New Art Gallery In English and Russian.
New Gallery of Modern Russian Art In English.
Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow In English and Russian.
Russian Art Collection In English with downloadable pictures indexed by painter.
Russian Icons Index In English with pictures.
Russian Lacquer Boxes In English.
Russian Painting of the 19th Century In English. An online slideshow.
Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow In Russian.
Visual Art of Russia In English. Very large collection of art photos from various Russian galleries.

Association of Russian Banks In English and Russian.
Center for the Promotion of Foreign Investment In English. Sponsored by the RF Ministry of Economy, includes news on the Russian economy, macroeconomic data and forecasts and analyses.
Central Bank of the Russian Federation In Russian and English. History, daily economic and political news, statistics, and publications.
Russian Banks List In English. Links to all major Russian Banks with internet sites.
Russian Regional Bank In Russian and English. Includes current exchange rates and economic news.
Sberbank In Russian and English. Official webpage of the Savings Bank of Russia.

ABC of Russian Business Law In English and Russian. Sponsored by Conseco.
American Russian Business Council In English.
Bankruptcy and Arbitration in Russian In Russian.
Business Express In Russian. Business Daily Digest.
Country Commercial Guides FY 1996-2001 In English. US Embassy's guide to business in Russia.
Papers on Transition Economies in the Former Soviet Union In English. A group of World Bank reports.
Gazeta.Ru In Russian. Daily business and finance news.
Globints In English. Find anything for your business.
Locating a Business in Russia In English. Information on how to start a business in Russia and useful contact information.
Reference Book of Companies in the CIS In Russian.
Russian-American Chamber of Commerce In English and Russian. Has excellent list of links related to everything.
American-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry In English and Russian.
Russian Trading System In English and Russian. Includes news, statistics, rating, and a search engine.

Moscow City Homepage In English and Russian. Excellent source, with extensive links to politics, art, culture, entertainment, tourism, sports, health and medicine, industry, finance and trade, transport, communication, education, sciences, media and services. Some links are in Russian only.
Guide to Restaurants in Moscow In English.
Official Website of St. Petersburg In Russian.
Russian Cities on the Web In English and Russian. Links to all cities with internet sites.
St. Petersburg Tourist Information In English.

Bolshoi Theater In Russian.
Calendar of People's Customs and Beliefs In Russian.
Kirov Ballet and Opera In English.
Kulinar In Russian. A website devoted to Russian cuisine.
Moscow Theaters In English with Russian links.
The Great Feast Days of the Orthodox Church In English.
Russian Classmates In Russian.
Russian Classical Ballet In English.
Russian Cookbook In English.
Russian Proverbs and Sayings In English.
Saratov Opera and Ballet In English and Russian.
Vkontakte The Russian Facebook equivalent.
Zoos of Russia In English and Russian.

Academy of the National Economy, Moscow In English and Russian.
Construction Market In English.
Institute for the Economy in Transition, Moscow In English and Russian.
Institute of International Law and Economics In English and Russian.
ISITO Reports on the Non-Payment of Wages in Russia In English.
IT Market in Russia In English.
Lenta.Ru - Economics In Russian. Daily economic and business news.
Ministry of Economy In English and Russian.
Regional Economic Development Agency In English and Russian.
Retail Market In English.
Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey In English. Includes series of surveys analyzing the health and economic welfare throughout the Russian Federation.
Russian Research Center, University of Warwick In English with extensive list of papers on various aspects of the Russian economy.
VEDI - Monthly Report on the Macroeconomy In Russian.
Zakonodatel¹stvo I Ekonomika In Russian. Legislative and Economic Journal.

AATSEEL Guide to Intensive Language Programs In English.
Academy of Technological Sciences of the Russian Federation In Russian.
Far Eastern State University In English and Russian.
Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences In Russian.
Kazan State University In English and Russian.
Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages In English, Russian and French.
Moscow Linguistics Center, Russian Academy of Sciences In English.
Novgorod State University In English and Russian.
Russian Ministry of Education In Russian.
St. Petersburg State University In English and Russian.
Summer Immersion Program at Beloit In English.
Summer Immersion Program at Indiana In English.
Summer Immersion Program at Middlebury In English.
Summer Immersion Program at Pittsburgh In English.
Voronezh State University In English.
Why Study Russian? In English.

Environment & Ecology
Center for Arms Control, Energy and the Environment, Moscow In English and Russian.
"Russian Conservation News" Quarterly Journals In English.
Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring In English and Russian.
Russia's Weather Server In English.

Beyond the Pale: History of Jews in Russia In English and Russian. Online exhibition.
Crimean Tatars Homepage In English.
NUPI Center for Russian Studies Database In English, Russian and Norwegian. Includes list and description of all ethnic groups, institutions, and political parties in Russia.
Peoples of Siberia In English.

International Finance Corporation In English with some pages in Russian. Part of the World Bank Group.
Ministry of Finance In Russian.
Moscow Stock Exchange In Russian.

Foreign Affairs & Policy
American Embassy in Moscow In English
European Union and Russia In English.
Harvard Project on Cold War Studies In English.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs In English and Russian.
Russian Reform Monitor In English. By the American Foreign Policy Council.

Gender Studies
In English and Russian.
Russian Feminism Resources Includes links in English and Russian.
Woman.Ru In Russian. Website devoted to women's issues.

Government & Politics
Federal Internal Security Bureau ­ FSB In Russian.
Forum In Russian. Political news and analysis.
Goskomstat ­ Russian Government Statistics Committee In English and Russian.
Inside Russia In English. Conservative analysis of Russia's reform, by the Heritage Foundation's office in Moscow.
President of the Russian Federation In Russian. Official website.
Russian Duma In Russian.
Russian Federation Official Website In Russian and English. Includes links to all government sites, legislation, and national statistics.
Russian Government on the Web In Russian. Information about the structure of government, political parties.
Russian Political Resources on the Net In English. Includes links to all political parties with internet sites.
Russian President's Official Site In English and Russian.
Russia Votes In English. An analysis of voting behavior.
Scientific Center for Legislative Information, Ministry of Justice In Russian.

BBC Timeline of the Soviet Union In English.
Face of Russia In English. A PBS special series, covering the history, politics and culture of Russia.
History of Russia In English, with clickable timeline.
History of Russia - Lectures by Professor Michael Petrovich In English.
Illustrated History of Russia In English.
Katyn Forest Massacre History Page In English.
Lenin Mausoleum In English and Russian.
Mapping Russia in the 16th and 17th Centuries In English.
Museum of History in Moscow In English and Russian.
Name of Russia Contest In English.
Online Museum of Decemberists In Russian.
Photoarchive of the Historical Institute of Material Culture, St. Petersburg In Russian.
Royal Russia In English. Short history of Russian nobles and current news.
Russian Revolution Page In English.
Seventeen Moments in Soviet History In English.
Stroganoff Foundation In English. Includes great links to Russian museums and history related websites.
World of History ­ Russian Electronic Journal In Russian.

Human Rights
Amnesty International Moscow Office In Russian.
Human Rights Watch Russia Page In Russian. Has links to other FSU countries.
International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights In English. Annual reports on human rights from multiple countries.
Memorial ­ International Human Rights Education and Historical Society In Russian.
Moscow Center for Prison Reform In Russian and English.

Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry In Russian and English.

International Organizations
ABA / CEELI - Central and East European Law Initiative In English.
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: EBRD In English.
International Monetary Fund In English.
NATO In English.
USAID In English.
World Bank In English, French, Spanish and Russian.

Jobs Abroad In English and Russian. In Russian. In Russian. In Russian.
Language Link (Teach English in Russia) In English and Russian. In Russian. In Russian.

The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation Official page, in Russian.
Judicial Qualification Commission Official page, in Russian.
American Russian Law Institute In English.
Glasnost Defense Foundation In English and Russian. Provides legal support and advocacy to the free press in Russia.
Friends and Partners Russian Legal Server In English with some texts in Russian.
Internet Legal Service Kardis in St. Petersburg In Russian. Contains news and information on laws and legislation.
LawFirm.Ru ­ Everything about the Russian Legal World In Russian and English.
Legal System of Russia In English. Brief descriptions.
Library of Congress Guide to Law Online ­ Russia In English. Includes very good list of links to legal resources.
Moscow Media Law and Policy Center In Russian.
State Registration Center at the Ministry of Justice In Russian.
Supreme Arbitrazh Court of the Russian Federation In Russian.
Supreme Court of General Jurisdiction of the Russian Federation In Russian.

INION In Russian.
Libraries of Russia In English.
National Library of Russia In Russian.
Russian State Library In Russian and English.
State Public Historical Library of Russia In Russian.
State Scientific Techical Library In Russian.

KOMKON Russian Public Library In English with some online Russian books.
Russian Grammar Reference Guide On-line In English. (Russian Keyboard) In Russian.
RussNet Russian Internet Resource for Russian Language Learning In English.
Index Lingvo Online Russian-to-English translator.

Literature & Poetry
Brandeis University 19th Century Russian Literature Page In English.
Gallery of Russian Poets In English.
Literatura In Russian and English. Excellent source of information on current Russian literature and critical analysis.
Marina Tsvetaeva ­ Life and Works In Russian.
Poetry of Josef Brodsky In English.
Pushkin Museum In English and Russian.
Russkaya Fantastika ­ Science Fiction and Fantasy Page In Russian.
Russian Literature Online Mostly in Russian, with full text.
Slavic Review In English.
State Museum of Mayakovsky In English and Russian.
Stikhiya In Russian. On-line journal devoted to poetry.

Maps & Flags
Russian Empire Maps In English.
Russia's Time Zones In English.
Topographic Map of the Russian Federation In English.
Topographic Maps of Russia In English.

Military & Security
Ministry of Internal Affairs Information Center In Russian.
Security Council of the Russian Federation In Russian.

Museums of Russia In English and Russian.
Pushkin Memorial Museum In English and Russian.
Russian State Museum of Artic and Antartic In English and Russian.
State Hermitage Museum In English and Russian.
State-Historical Museum Preserve "Moscow Kremlin" In English and Russian.
State Russian Museum In English and Russian.

Museum of Musical Culture In English and Russian.
Rimsky-Korsakov Homepage In English.
Songs of Russian Artists In Russian.
Tchaikovsky In English.
Russian Folk Orchestra at the University of Wisconsin-Madison In English.

Natural Resources
Gazprom In English, Russian, French, German and Spanish.
Institute of Energy Strategy, Moscow In Russian.
Lukoil In English.
Ministry of Energy In Russian.

News & Media
BBC Country Profile: Russia In English.
Cyril and Methodius In Russian. General website with extensive links to all issue areas.
Federal News Service, Moscow In English and Russian.
Interfax In English. Covers daily business and financial news from most countries in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.
Itar Tass In English.
Itogi In Russian. Russia's version of Newsweek Magazine, with free archival service.
Izvestia In Russian. Very good site, with other news links
Kommersant Daily In Russian.
Komsomolskaya Pravda Online In English and Russian.
Moskovskii Komsomolets In Russian. Selected articles only for free.
New York Times: Russia Page In English.
Nezavissimaya Gazeta In Russian.
Pravda In Russian.
Q&A Conflict in Georgia In English.
Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty In English with some Russian broadcasts.
Rossiiskaya Gazeta In Russian.
Русское Радио (Russian Radio) In Russian.
Russkii Vestnik ­ Russian Bulletin In Russian.
St. Petersburg Times In English.
The Moscow Times In English.
Universal Russian Newspaper Database In English and Russian.
Vestnik In Russian. Biweekly newspaper for Russian-Americans, printed in the U.S.
Washington Post - Recent Stories About Russia In English.
Yahoo! Russia Page In English.

Nuclear Weapons & Politics
Frontline: "Loose Nukes" In English.
Russian American Nuclear Security Advisory Council In English.
Russia's Nuclear Complex - Clickable Map In English.
Soviet and Russian Nuclear Weapons and History In English.
START Website In English and Russian.

Photos from Russia's Regions In English.
Images of the Soviet Union In English.

Political Parties
Democratic Party of Russian Official Website In Russian.
Democratic Russia¹s Choice In Russian.
Yabloko Party In English and Russian.

Regions of Russia
Khabarovsk Krai In English and Russian.
Khanti-Mansiiskii Avtonomnii Okrug In English and Russian.
Leningradskaya Oblast Official Website In Russian.
Moskovskaya Oblast In Russian.
Orenburgskaya Oblast In Russian.
Republic of Chuvashia In Russian.
Republic of Karelia In Russian, English and Finnish.
Republic of Komi In Russian.
Republic of Tatarstan In Russian.
Russian Federation Social-Economic Regions In English.

Catholic Church in Russia In English, Russian and German.
International Center for Religious Freedom: Russia Page In English. Sponsored by the Keston Institute.
Russian Orthodox Church Official Webpage In Russian and English.
Russian Orthodox Church (outside of Russia) In English.
Russian Orthodoxy Server In Russian.
Russian Religion In English.

Research Institutes
Expert Institute, Moscow In Russian and English.
Institute of the Information Society ­ Russia In Russian and English.
IREX- International Research & Exchanges Board In English.
Russian Public Research Center In Russian and English.
Russian Special Research and Information Centre In English.

Russian Federation Ministries
Ministry of Taxes In Russian.
Ministry of Transport In Russian.

Russian Studies Centers
AAASS - American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies In English.
British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies In English.
Canadian Association of Slavists In English.
Columbia University Harriamn Institute In English.
Cornell University Russian Language Program In English.
Duke University Center for Slavic, Eurasian and East European Studies In English.
Early Slavic Studies Association In English.
George Washington University Russian and East European In English.
Hokkaido University Slavic Research Center In Japanese and English.
Indiana University Russian and East European Institute In English.
Michigan State University Center for European and Russian Studies In English.
Ohio State University Center for Slavic and East European Studies In English.
REENIC - Russian and East European Network Information Center In English. Very large list of links, sponsored by the University of Texas. Searchable by subject.
REESWeb In English. Very large general website with extensive links, sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh. Searchable by keyword or subject.
Stanford University Center for Russian and East European Studies In English.
Stanford University Hoover Institutions on War, Revolution and Peace In English.
University College of London School of Slavonic and East European Studies In English.
University of Melbourne Research Unit for Russian and Euro-Asian Studies In English.
University of Oregon Center for Russian and East European Studies In English.
University of Toronto Center for Russian and East European Studies In English.
University of Washington Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies Center In English.

Aeroflot Official Website In English. Timetables, routes and fares.
All Surburban Trains In Russia Page In Russian.
Moscow Metro In Russian.
Trans Siberian Railroad In English.

Travel & Tourism
Go To Russia Travel In English.
Going Russia In English.
Journey to Moscow: Moscow City Tourist Office Online In English.
Lonely Planet Guide to Russia In English. In English.
Russia ­ Consular Information Sheet In English.
Russian National Tourist Office In English.
Russian National Tourist Office In English.
Russian Youth Hostels In English.
Travel to Eastern Europe In English.
Travel to St. Petersburg In English.
Travel.Ru In Russian.
Virtual Tour of the Moscow Kremlin In Russian.
Weather for Russia In English.
Weather for Russian Cities In English.