K-12 Lesson Plans

CREECA programs place particular emphasis on curriculum development and ongoing training of teachers at the K-12 and post-secondary level. For the past decade, CREECA has offered intensive, week-long workshops on the UW-Madison campus that allow elementary and secondary school teachers to study international topics in depth while developing standards-based lessons for their classrooms.

The annual CREECA workshops have two main goals. First, the workshops are designed to provide teachers with meaningful content about various topics in our regions. Second, teachers are required to incorporate learned material into standards-based curricular modules centered on the workshop's theme. A representative sample of the participants' lesson plans are presented below. The diversity of the curricular modules in grade level, topic, and length illustrates the diversity of the group as a whole, as the workshop brought together from around the state of Wisconsin educators in grades 7-12 who teach subjects ranging from English as a Second Language to Social Studies and Psychology.

In the curricular modules, the rubric "Standards" refers to the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards as listed on the website of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI): http://www.dpi.state.wi.us/standards/

Other than some minor copy editing, the modules are in the form presented by the teachers and the views expressed are those of the individual authors. Likewise, the content remains the property of the individual authors.

To view lesson plan files, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint may be needed.

Environmental Problems and Politics
in Europe and Asia

Topic Lesson Plan Format
"Environmental Issues in Europe and Asia" List of Resources Word

"Analyzing Cartoons in Central Asian Republics" Analyzing Cartoons in Central Asian Republics PowerPoint
Political Cartoons Describing Oil in the Central Asian Republics Word
The Race for Oil in Central Asia PowerPoint

"Concern with Russia's Nuclear Materials" Concern with Russia's Nuclear Materials Word
Worksheet: Problems with Russia's Nuclear Waste Word

"Ecophilosophy" Ecophilosophy Word
Other Philosophies Word
Philosophy Lessons 2 Word
Ecophilosophy PowerPoint

"Environmental Activism" Environmental Activism Word

"Environmental Issues" Environmental Issues PowerPoint
Lesson Word
PowerPoint Project Word
Unit 1: Geography Skills Word
Unit 1: Study Journal Word
Why Grow Rice in the Desert? Word
Why Grow Rice in the Desert? PowerPoint

"Environmental Problems" Lesson Block Word

"Genetically Modified Foods" Food Fight - The Big Debate Word

"'Sustainability' or 'Stayin Alive' - Past, Present and Future" Geography 900 Lesson Plans Word

"Japanese Consumption of Resources from Russian and Eastern Europe" Environmental Resources Word
Oral Presentation Rubric Word

"Local and Global Sustainability Unit" Local and Global Sustainability Word

"The Deforestation of the Temperate Forest" Russian Taiga Deforestation Word

"Water: Our Next Clear Gold" Water Consumption and Conservation Word
Water Consumption and Conservation PowerPoint

"Water Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink" Water Water Everywhere Word
WebQuest Word

"Hanford and Mayak: Two Nuclear Cities" Hanford: Bechtel Word
Hanford: Past Horror, Future Hope Word
Hanford: Seattle Times 'Trinity" Word
Hanford: The Legacy of Hanford Word
Hanford and Mayak Case Study Word
Mayak on Trial Word
Mayak's Walking Wounded Word
Mayak: A Cold War Legacy in Black and White Word
Mayak: In the Shadow of Mayak Word

The European Union

Lesson Plan Format
The European Union PDF
European Union Unit PDF
A Tale of Two Constitutions: A Comparative Study of the U.S. Constitution and the draft European Constitution PDF
Economics, Culture, and Government in the EU PDF

Human Rights

Lesson Plan Format
When is Humanitarian Intervention Justified? PDF
Human and Civil Rights in a Terrorist World PDF
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Non-Governmental Organizations - Avenues for Student Action PDF
Genocide, Sovereignty, Humanitarian Intervention and Accountability PDF
International Humanitarian Groups PDF
Working Towards Peace PDF


Lesson Plan Format
Chernobyl - The Experience PDF
Chernobyl Lesson Plans PDF
Chernobyl: The Environmental and Economic Components of a Nuclear Disaster PDF
Security, Power, and Medicine: Advancements in Nuclear Energy and their Historical, Economic, and Political Effects PDF
The Cause and Effect of Nuclear Waste on the Environment PDF
Chernobyl Unit for Elementary Students Word


Lesson Plan Format
Polish Folktales PDF
Polish Papercutting Unit PDF
East European Influences on Wisconsin History Through Immigration PDF
"We are alike. . .we are different" PDF

Other Lesson Plans

Resources for teaching about Russia