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Fall 2014

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date

Panel Discussion: "Conducting Research in Russia and Eurasia: What You Need to Know"

October 23, 2014


"Three Tales of a Faculty. East German Law Professors Under Socialism"

Inga Markovits, Professor of Law, University of Texas-Austin;

October 9, 2014


"Saving Beauty: Zoos in Wartime"

Tracy McDonald, Professor of History, McMaster University;

October 9, 2014


"Long Shadows of the Soviet Past"

Ekaterina Mishina, Visiting Professor of Law, University of Michigan;

October 2, 2014


"The Ascendance of Nationalism in Central Asia"

Russell Zanca, Professor of Anthropology, Northeastern Illinois University;

September 18, 2014


"The Legacies of Socialist Housing in Contemporary Czech Society"

Kimberly Zarecor, Associate Professor of Architecture, Iowa State University;

September 11, 2014


Faculty Roundtable

Kathryn Hendley, Professor of Law and Political Science;

David McDonald, Chair and Professor of Russian History;

Manon van de Water, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literature / Theatre and Drama

and Ted Gerber, Professor of Sociology, CREECA Director

September 4, 2014


Summer 2014

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date

Panel Discussion: "What a liberal arts education means to you"

Sherzad Omarov, Meiirzhan Baitas, and Aiman Adelshiyeva, Visiting Undergraduate Students, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan


Uli Schamiloglu, Professor of Languages and Cultures of Asia, University of Wisconsin-Madison

July 22, 2014


"Opportunities for Electronic Government to Reduce Corruption and Bureaucracy in Kazakhstan"

Gulmira Sheryazdanova, Bolashak Visiting Scholar, University of Wisconsin-Madison

July 22, 2014


"The Crimean Tatars: Past, Present, and Future"

Uli Schamiloglu, Professor of Languages and Cultures of Asia, University of Wisconsin-Madison

July 1, 2014


Spring 2014

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date

“Blending Bessarabia: Winemaking in Late-Tsarist Russia and the Ambivalence of Modernity”

Stephen Bittner, Professor of History, Sonoma State University

May 1, 2014


“Strategic Litigation: Bringing the European Convention for Human Rights to Russia”

Anton Burkov, Galina Staravoitova Fellow, Kennan Institute

April 24, 2014


"Human Rights in Russia: Challenges of 2014"

Anna Sevortian, Independent Expert & Former Director, Human Rights Watch-Russia

April 10, 2014


"Building Plant Bodies: People, Trees, and Grafting in Kyrgyzstan's Walnut-Fruit Forest"

Jake Fleming, PhD Candidate, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison

April 3, 2014


"Diagramming the Nation: Socioeconomic Class Differences on Language in Two Secondary Schools"

Elizabeth Peacock, Assistant Professor of Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

March 27, 2014


"Evolution of U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan: Shaping Prospects for Afghanistan's Future"

Christopher D. Kolenda, Senior Advisor, Department of Defense

March 13, 2014


"Democracy, Inequality and Foreign Investment in Eastern Europe: Does the EU Matter?"

Nina Bandelj, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of California, Irvine

March 6, 2014


"Petty Corruption and Bureaucratic Fragmentation in Post-Transitional Ukraine"

Marina Zaloznaya, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Iowa

February 27, 2014


"Political Machines at Work: Voter Mobilization and Electoral Subversion in the Russian Workplace"

Ora John Reuter, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

February 20, 2014


"Gender and Authorship in Medieval Byzantium"

Leonora Neville, John W. and Jeanne M. Rowe Professor of Byzantine History, University of Wisconsin-Madison

February 13, 2014


"Children of Rus': Right-Bank Ukraine and the Invention of a Russian Nation"

Faith Hillis, Assistant Professor of Russian History, University of Chicago

February 6, 2014


Panel: "The Oakhill Prison Humanities Project: Teaching World Literature Behind Bars"


Sergey Karpukhin, Department of Slavic Language and Literature

Ron Kuka, Department of English

Colleen Lucey, Department of Slavic Language and Literature

Janelle Pulczinski, Department of Comparative Literature

Zachary Rewinski, Department of Slavic Language and Literature

Jose Vergara, Department of Slavic Language and Literature


Judith Kornblatt, Professor Emerita, Slavic Languages and Literature

Toma Longinovic, Professor of Slavic, Comparative Literature and Visual Culture

January 30, 2014


Fall 2013

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date

"Aesthetic and Political Transpositions: Music under Hitler and Stalin"

Friedrich Geiger, Professor of Historical Musicology, University of Hamburg

December 5, 2013


Panel: "Dousing the Olympic Flame: Russia’s Anti-Gay Legislation and the 2014 Winter Olympics"


Kathryn Hendley, William Voss-Bascom Professor of Law and Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Cecilia Leugers, M.A. Student, Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jessica Mason, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ryan Prinz, National Endowment for Democracy

Irina Shevelenko, Associate Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literature, University of Wisconsin-Madison


David Danaher, Professor of Slavic Languages, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Gabe Javier, Assistant Dean and Director of the UW’s LGBT Campus Center

December 4, 2013


"Oliver Frljic's Call of Duty: Political Theater on Post-Yugoslav Stages"

Miranda Jakiša, Professor of South and East Slavic Literatures and Cultures, Humboldt University Berlin

November 14, 2013


"Trauma, Music-Making, and Musical Remembrance: What Survivor Testimonies Reveal about Making Music in Theresienstadt"

Teryl Dobbs, Associate Professor of Music Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison

November 7, 2013


"Uzbekistan and US Foreign Policy. What Comes Next?" 

Robert Schaefer, Branch Chief for Central and South Asia, Department of Defense

October 24, 2013


Career Talk (PDF)

Lecture (PDF)

"Russian Citizenship: From Empire to Soviet Union"

Eric Lohr, American University

October 17, 2013


"Everyday Law in Russia"

Kathryn Hendley, William Voss-Bascom Professor of Law and Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

October 10, 2013


"Chaos, Violence, Dynasty and Central Asian Society: The Untold Story"

Eric M. McGlinchey, Associate Professor of Government and Politics, George Mason University

October 3, 2013


Summer 2013

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date

"The University of Wisconsin and Nazarbayev University Project: Building Higher Education Institutional Capacity Abroad

Yoshiko Herrera, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

July 30, 2013


"Medieval Riverlogues: Crossing & Contestations along the Oxus Borderland

Manu Sobti, Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

July 16, 2013


"The Columbian Exchange in Central Asia

Uli Schamiloglu, Professor of Languages and Cultures of Asia, University of Wisconsin-Madison

July 2, 2013


"Recovering and Preserving the Richness of Central Asian Nomadic Life: The Challenges for Public Memory" 

Saule Satayeva, Vice Director of the Central State Archive of Cinema and Photo Documents in Almaty, Kazakhstan and Fulbright Fellow at American University

June 25, 2013


"The Black Death (and its Antecedent!) in Central Eurasian History:

An Interdisciplinary Approach" 

Uli Schamiloglu, Professor of Languages and Cultures of Asia, University of Wisconsin-Madison

June 18, 2013


Spring 2013

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Memory of the Holocaust in Post-Communist Europe"
Joanna Michlic, HBI Director, Brandeis University

May 2, 2013


"The Poetics of Impudence and Intimacy in the Age of Pushkin"
Joe Peschio, Associate Professor of Russian, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

April 25, 2013


"Electoral Poliltics in Russia"
Robert Moser, Professor of Political Science, University of Texas at Austin

April 11, 2013


"The Dream of Craftsmanship: Change and Continuity in the Engineering Profession in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan"
Leyla Sayfutdinova, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

April 4, 2013


"Poor, Poorer, Bulgarian: Public Perceptions of Poverty in Post-communist Bulgaria"
Boriana Nikolova, Post-Doctoral Fellow in Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

March 7, 2013


"My Grandparents’ Kaunas: Searching for the 1920’s in the 21st Century"
Nancy Heingartner, CREECA Outreach Coordinator, UW-Madison

February 28, 2013


CREECA Spring Faculty Panel: "Multidisciplinary Organizations in a Disciplinary World"
Judith Deutsch Kornblatt, Manon van de Water, & Yoshiko M. Herrera, UW-Madison

February 21, 2013


"Obstacles and Pathways to Conducting Research for Health in Eastern Europe"
David L. Nordstrom, Professor of Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health, UW-Whitewater

February 14, 2013


Fall 2012

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Tocqueville in Moscow: From Servitude to Liberty?"
Anna Paretskaya, Honorary Fellow and Lecturer, Department of Sociology, UW-Madison

December 6, 2012


"Does Reform Prevent Rebellion? Evidence from Russia's Emancipation of the Serfs"
Scott Gehlbach, Professor of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

November 29, 2012


"Soviet Poetry and the Greek Left: Giannes Ritsos as Translator and Reader of Blok, Mayakovsky, Ehrenburg, and Esenin"
Christopher Livanos, Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Wisconsin-Madison

November 8, 2012


"City of Concrete and Felt: Negotiating Cultural Hybridity in Mongolia's Capital of Ulaanbaatar"
Alexander Diener, Professor of Geography, University of Kansas

November 1, 2012

Funding for this activity was provided by the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC) through a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York.


"Russian Politics: The Paradox of a Weak State"
Marie Mendras, Professor of Political Science, Paris School of International Affairs, Sciences Po University

October 11, 2012


"Russia's Urban Industrial Land: A Story of Gradual Reform"
William Pyle, Associate Professor of Economics, Middlebury College

September 27, 2012


"Divided Historical Memory among Youth in Estonia: Ethnic, Socioeconomic, Linguistic, and Political Sources of Ideational Cleavage"
Ted Gerber, Professor of Sociology, UW-Madison

September 20, 2012


"Make Your Voice Heard: Communism in the High School Curriculum, 1958-1968"
Campbell Scribner, Graduate Student in History and Education, UW-Madison

September 13, 2012


Summer 2012

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Uyghur Neighborhoods and Nationalisms in Kazakhstan"
Sean Roberts, PhD, Director of the International Development Studies Program and Associate Professor of Practice at George Washington University

August 7, 2012


"Ibrahim Altynsarin and His Influence on Late 19th Century Kazakh Education"
Omar Mohamad, Graduate Student in Languages and Cultures of Asia, UW-Madison

July 3, 2012


"Islam in Kazakhstan"
Uli Schamiloglu, Professor of Languages and Cultures of Asia, UW-Madison

July 3, 2012


"Konakka Baraiyk: Music in Kazakh Hosting"
Nathan Snodgrass, Masters Student in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies

June 26, 2012


Spring 2012

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Building Welfare States for the Young Generation in Postcommunist Europe: The Politics of Family Policy in Hungary, Poland, and Romania"
Tomasz Inglot: Professor of Government, Minnesota State University-Mankato

April 19, 2012


"Translating Polish Literature into English: a History"
Michael Mikos: Professor of Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

April 12, 2012


"The Wawel Incident of 1937: Church, State, and Nation in Interwar Poland"
Neal Pease: Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

March 29, 2012


"Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Tajikistan"
Erin Peck and Jillian Landeck: Medical Students at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

March 22, 2012


"Political Participation in Russia and Indonesia"
Danielle Lussier: Assistant Professor of Political Science at Grinnell College

March 15, 2012


CREECA Faculty Roundtable: Russian Presidential Elections


Featuring CREECA Faculty Members:


Yoshiko M. Herrera, Professor of Political Science at UW-Madison and Director of CREECA

Alexander Dolinin, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literature at UW-Madison

David M. McDonald, Professor of History at UW-Madison

Robert Kaiser, Professor of Geography at UW-Madison


For the handout on Russian politics: click here

March 8, 2012


"A Minute for Reflection: Soviet Television Game Shows, 1960s-1980s"
Christine Evans: Assistant Professor of History at UW-Milwaukee

March 1, 2012


"Uncommon Blood: Vampire and Nation in the Modern Age"
Tomislav Longinovic: Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, and Comparative Literature at UW-Madison

February 23, 2012


"The Ethics of Witnessing the Holocaust: Polish Writers' Diaries, 1939-1945"
Rachel F. Brenner: Professor of Hebrew and Semitic Studies, Max and Freida Weinstein-Bascom Professor of Jewish Studies at UW-Madison

February 16, 2012

For Professor Brenner's handouts: Page 1 Page 2


"Land Use Change and Biodiversity after the Collapse of the Soviet Union"
Volker Radeloff: Professor of Forest and Wildlife Ecology at UW-Madison

February 9, 2012


"Rereading Vaclav Havel's 'Power of the Powerless'"
David S. Danaher: Professor of Slavic Languages & Literature at UW-Madison

February 2, 2012
For Professor Danaher's handout that accompanied this lecture: click here


Fall 2011

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Flying in Translation: Interpreting Olga Mukhina's Play for Performance in Austin, TX"
Graham Schmidt, Director and Founder of Breaking String Theater in Austin, TX

November 10, 2011


"Black in Ukraine"
Terrell Starr, Freelance Journalist, Fulbright Scholar in Ukraine (2009-2010)

November 3, 2011


"Baron Ungern's Mongolian Pogrom: The Genealogy of Massacre"
Willard Sunderland, Associate Professor and Department Head, History Department, University of Cincinatti

October 21, 2011


"A Three Week Slog in the 21st Century Ferghana Valley"
Timothy Jack Rowe, Graduate Student, Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia

Septemnber 29, 2011


Spring 2011

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Theatre as Therapy in the Northern Caucasus"

Manon van de Water, professor of theatre and drama

May 5, 2011


"The Wisdom of Crowds: Some reflections on the Velvet Revolution in the Light of the Arab Awakening"

Paul Wilson, Freelance writer, editor, radio producer and translator

April 21, 2011


"Between Home and Homeland: Minority Rights and National Dilemmas across the Greek-Bulgarian Border"

Theodora Dragostinova, The Ohio State University

April 7, 2011


"How Czech Fascists, Prague Bureaucrats and the Local Police Helped the Nazis to Isolate the Jews of Bohemia and Moravia"

Benjamin Frommer, Associate Professor of History, Northwestern University

March 24, 2011


"Of Macho and Men: Russian and Latino Heroes in Contemporary Film"

Thomas Garza, University Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor and Director, Texas Language Center, University of Texas-Austin

March 10, 2011


"The Uses of Poetry: Elegy and Courtship in Nineteenth-Century Russia"

Daria Khitrova, Postdoctoral fellow, University of Chicago

March 3, 2011


"The Politics of Memory in a Divided Society: A Comparison of Post-Franco Spain and Post-Soviet Ukraine"

Oxana Shevel, PhD candidate, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Tufts University

February 17, 2011


"Decentralized Governance and Logging: An Econometric Analysis in European Russia"

Kelly Wendland, PhD candidate, Forest and Wildlife Ecology, UW-Madison

February 3, 2011


"Being Harold Pinter: A Dramatic Reading"

Directed by Andy Wiginton, Adapted and directed by Vladimir Shcherban,
and produced by Nikolai Khalezin and Natalia Kolida.

January 27, 2011

- Program (PDF)

- Free Belarus Project

- A statement from Belarus Free Theater Co-Founder Natalia Koliada


"Inspiring Official Rhetoric and Rampant Abuses in Russia"

Tanya Lokshina, Russian Researcher, Human Rights Watch

January 20, 2011


Fall 2010

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"The Politics of Smallest Things: How the 'Lazy, Cowardly, and Selfish' Changed the Soviet Union"

Anna Paretskaya, Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology, (New School for Social Research)

December 2, 2010


"Stalinist Landscapes: Politics, Identity and Nature in Socialist-Realist Art"

Mark Bassin, Center for Baltic and East European Studies (Södertörn University Stockholm)

November 15, 2010


"A Non-Participation Pact: State and Society in Russia"

Maria Lipman, (Carnegie Moscow Center)

November 11, 2010

MP3 Part I

"Grand Plans and Petty Corruption: Adapting to Market Reform in Central Asia"

Kelly McMann, Associate Professor of Political Science, (Case Western Reserve University)

September 16, 2010


"The Case of Colonel Abel: What the Prosecution of a Master Soviet Spy Teaches about American and Russian Criminal Justice"

Jeffrey Kahn, Assistant Professor of Law, (Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University)

October 14, 2010


“Nationalism, Myth, and Politics: Russians and Serbs in the Dissolution of the Soviet Union”

Veljko Vujacic (Oberlin College)
September 16, 2010

Summer 2010

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

“'We Were Hippies Too': Youth Protest and Lithuanian Nationalism in Kaunas, 1972”

Amanda Swain (University of Washington)
August 3, 2010

“Archaic Felt and Its Tradition in Lithuania”

Vilte Kazlauskaite (Lithuania-based felt artist)
July 20, 2010

“Writing on the Threshold between Cultures”

Agate Nesaule (UW-Whitewater)
July 13, 2010

“Caught in Between: Citizenship, Identity, and Young Ethnic Russians in Estonia”

Ted Gerber (UW-Madison)
July 6, 2010

“Contesting Nature and Nation in Latvia”

Katrina Schwartz (University of Florida)
June 15, 2010

Spring 2010

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

“Samizdat: Material Texts and Imagined Communities”

Ann Komaromi (University of Toronto)
May 5, 2010
PDF of Presentation

“Kaleidoscopic Odessa: History and Place in Contemporary Ukraine”

Tanya Richardson (Wilfrid Laurier University)
April 29, 2010
PDF of Presentation

“Islamic court in documentation and traditions: Excursus to Medieval Central Asia”

Elyor Karimov (Uzbek Academy of Sciences)
April 15, 2010
PDF of Presentation

“Eurasian Security Dilemmas: Russia's Energy Statecraft and the Contours of the Great Game Redux”

Adam Stulberg (Georgia Tech University)
April 14, 2010
PDF of Presentation

“Bride Abduction in Post-Soviet Central Asia: Marking a Shift Towards Patriarchy through Local Discourses of Shame and Tradition”

Cynthia Werner (Texas A&M University)
March 25, 2010
PDF of Presentation

“Patriarchy, Oligarchy, and Sobornost' in the Contemporary Russian Orthodox Church”

Paul Valliere (Butler University)
March 18, 2010


“Anton Chekhov: The Ups and Downs of a Playwright's Reputation”

Laurence Senelick (Tufts University)
March 11, 2010

“The Ecclesia Militans and the Catholic Nation in Modern Poland”

Brian Porter-Szűcs (University of Michigan)
March 4, 2010

“The Life of Andrew the Fool: Poetics as the Path to Knowledge in Byzantino-Russian Tradition”

Priscilla Hunt (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)
March 3, 2010

“Developments in Russian Children's Literature after 1991: Genres, Imports, and New Russian Plots”

Andrea Lanoux (Connecticut College)
February 25, 2010
PDF of Presentation

“Apocalypse, Eschatology, and Belief: The Trajectory of Religious Motifs in Gorbanevskaia's Poetry”

Allan Reid (University of New Brunswick)
February 18, 2010

“Post-Accession Hooliganism: Bulgaria and Romania in the EU”

Venelin Ganev (Miami University)
February 11, 2010

“Soviet Legacies and the Transformation of the Research University in Russia Today”

Mark Johnson (UW-Madison)
January 21, 2010
PPT of Presentation

Fall 2009

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Estonia's Bronze Night: Reconstructing the Event"

Robert Kaiser (UW-Madison)
December 10, 2009

“A Portrait of a Soviet Woman as the Citizen Soldier: Theoretical and Interpretive Challenges from the Eastern Front”

Anna Krylova (Duke University)
December 3, 2009

“Russia's Resource Curse”

Konstantin Sonin (New Economic School, Moscow)
November 19, 2009
PDF of Presentation

“Prejudice and Human Rights in Russia”

Nicole Butkovich Kraus (UW-Madison)
October 29, 2009

“How Capitalism was Built: The Transformation of Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia”

Anders Åslund (Peterson Institute for International Economics)
October 29, 2009

“Contemporary Russian Writers: Between the Market and the Last Judgment”

Mikhail Shishkin (Russian author)
October 26, 2009

“The Dutch Connection: 'Doctor Zhivago' in The Netherlands”

Petra Couvée (Leiden University)
October 22, 2009

“Between Dawn and the Wind: A Poetry Reading by Anna Frajlich”

Anna Frajlich (Columbia University)
October 15, 2009

“One Homeland or Two: The Nationalization and Transnationalization of Mongolia's Kazakhs”

Alexander Diener (Pepperdine University)
October 8, 2009
PPT Presentation

“Banned Films: Soviet Cinema under Stalin and the Failure of Power”

Maria Belodubrovskaya (UW-Madison)
October 1, 2009
PPT Presentation

“The Rise of Gazprom: Profits and Politics”

Rawi Abdelal (Harvard Business School)
September 24, 2009
PPT Presentation

“Music of the Hungarian-Speaking Roma”

A lecture-demonstration by Parno Graszt, a traditional Roma ensemble from northeast Hungary
September 17, 2009

"No Man’s Land: Youth Negotiating Democratization in Post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina"

Azra Hromadzic (University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh)
September 3, 2009

Spring 2009

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Right-Wing Federation Schemes in East-Central Europe during WWII"

Holly Case (Cornell University)
May 7, 2009

"Freedom of Conscience in Russian Philosophical Liberalism: The Controversy over Vladimir Solov'ev"

Randall Poole (College of St. Scholastica)
April 30, 2009

"The Legal Case for Russia's Intervention in Georgia"

Nicolai N. Petro (University of Rhode Island)
April 23, 2009

"Fica, Trabi and Dyana: Little Cars that Make Us Laugh and Cry"

Marko Zivkovic (University of Alberta)
April 16, 2009

"Being 'Black' in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia: Identity, Adaptation, and Racism"

Jeff Sahadeo (Carleton University)
April 9, 2009

"Imagining a Soviet Nation? The 'History of the USSR' as a National Discourse, 1930s-1950s"

Peter Blitstein (Lawrence University)
March 26, 2009

"Growing Up in Yeltsin's Russia: The Attitudes of Pro-Kremlin Youth Toward the 1990s"

Katia Levintova (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay)
March 12, 2009

"Political Competition and Judicial Disempowerment in Ukraine"

Alexei Trochev (UW-Madison Law School)
March 5, 2009

"The Russian State in the Time of Putin"

Gerald Easter (Boston College)
February 12, 2009

"Putting Your Major to Work: Fostering International Dialogue through Exchange Programs"

Michael Kuban (U.S. Department of State)
February 5, 2009

"America's Russian Problem: A Russia Policy for the Obama Administration"

Melvin A. Goodman (Senior Fellow and Director of the National Security Program at the Center for International Policy)
January 22, 2009

Fall 2008

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Explaining the Russian Mortality Paradox"

Michel Guillot (UW-Madison)
December 4, 2008

"Within Two Tyrannies: Soviet Academic Refugees in World War II"

Marina Sorokina (Russian Academy of Sciences Archive)
November 13, 2008

"Accidental Dissidents: Yugoslav Avant-Gardes and Socialist Realism"

Tatjana Aleksic (University of Michigan)
November 6, 2008

"Russian Drama and Theatre Today: A Time of New Transitions"

John Freedman (Journalist and Independent Theatre Critic)
October 30, 2008

"The Problems of Formation of Cultural Identity in Modern Kazakhstan"

Gulnara Dadabaeva (UW-Madison)
October 23, 2008

"One Minute to Midnight"

Michael Dobbs (Author and Journalist, The Washington Post)
October 16, 2008

"Boris Yeltsin and the Puzzle of the Hero in History"

Timothy Colton (Harvard University)
October 9, 2008

"Lay Participation in Judicial Proceedings in East Europe"

Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovic (Michigan State University)
October 2, 2008

"Customary Organizations and the Foundations of State Building in Afghanistan: The Role of 'Maliks,' 'Mullahs,' and 'Jirgas' in Local Governance"

Jennifer Brick (UW-Madison)
September 25, 2008

"Failures of Independence in Central Asia"

Russell Zanca (Northeastern Illinois University)
September 11, 2008

"Conflict in the Caucasus: A Panel Discussion about Georgia"

Featuring David McDonald, Uli Schamiloglu, and Robert Kaiser, UW-Madison; moderated by Kathryn Hendley, UW-Madison
September 9, 2008

"'Our Japanese Brothers': Anti-colonialism and Asian-ism among the Muslims of the Russian Empire"

Danielle Ross (UW-Madison)
September 4, 2008

Spring 2008

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"The Mongol Empire and Alcohol"

Thomas Allsen - College of New Jersey
April 24, 2008

"Cross Cultural Communication: Examples from Kazakh, Russian, and American English"

Maral Nurtazina - University of Wisconsin - Madison
April 17, 2008

"Increasing Vulnerability: The Homeless, Alcohol, and Mortality in Russia"

William Pridemore - Indiana University
April 3, 2008

"From Bedros Tourian to Paul Celan: L’Oeuvre au Noir"

James Russell - Harvard University
March 14, 2008

"The Treasures of Sarmation Nobility"

Anatoly Symonenko - Princeton University
March 13, 2008

"Dmitry Shostakovich and Azerbaijani Music"

Aida Huseynova - Indiana University
March 6, 2008

"Legal Connections: Litigation, Supervision, and Sovereignty in Late Imperial Russia"

Jane Burbank - New York University
February 28, 2008

"Kazakh Chinggisids and Their Lands under Russian Rule in the 19th Century"

Virginia Martin - University of Wisconsin
February 21, 2008

"The Decline to Very Low Fertility in Ukraine and Russia"

Brianna Perelli-Harris - University of Wisconsin
January 24, 2008

Fall 2007

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Transforming Bureaucracy: Conditional Norms and the International Standardization of Statistics in Russia"

Yoshiko Herrera - University of Wisconsin
November 29, 2007

"Justice Sector Reform in a Post-Conflict Environment: A Case Study from Kosovo"

Suren Avanesyan - National Center for State Courts
November 15, 2007

"The Last Soviet Dreamer: Encounters with Leonid Potemkin"

Jochen Hellbeck - Rutgers University
November 1, 2007

"Balkanology and EUrology: Recent Developments and Future Changes"

Victor Friedman - University of Chicago
October 25, 2007

"Housing Divides: The Causes and Consequences of Housing Inequality in Russia"

Jane Zavisca - University of Arizona
October 4, 2007

"Russia's Sputnik Generation: Interviewing Soviet Baby Boomers"

Donald J. Raleigh - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
September 27, 2007

"Traditional Romani (Gypsy) Musicians and Oral Epic in the Balkans: A Comparison of Performers and Performance"

Margaret Beissinger - Princeton University
September 14, 2007

"Identity and Diversity in Romani (Gypsy) Musical Culture"

Margaret Beissinger - Princeton University
September 13, 2007

"Nikita Khrushchev: The Man and His Era"

William Taubman - Amherst College
September 6, 2007

Spring 2007

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Turizm: Soviet Travel, Leisure, and Nation-Building in the Khrushchev Thaw"

Anne Gorsuch - University of British Columbia
May 10th, 2007

"The Russian Far East: Economic and Security Challenges and Perspectives"

Sergey Sevastyanov - Vladivostok State University
May 3rd, 2007

"Islamic Resurgence in Central Asia and the Caucasus"

Kathleen Collins - University of Minnesota
April 26th, 2007

"Belarus: Europe's Last Dictatorship or Populist State?"

David Marples - University of Alberta
April 19th, 2007

"Anti-Semitism in Poland After Auschwitz"

Jan Gross - Princeton University
April 12th, 2007

"Cabaret in a World War II Jewish Ghetto: Spiritual Resistance?"

Lisa Peschel - University of Minnesota
March 22nd, 2007

"Rules of the Game for Russian Entrepreneurs: How Informal Institutions Mediate Application of Dysfunctional Law"

Ella Paneyakh - University of Michigan
March 15th, 2007

"Alternatve Visions: Telling the Truth After the End of Yugoslavia"

Toma Longinovic - UW Madison
March 8th, 2007

"Dostum 'the Taliban Killer': Living With a Northern Alliance Warlord"

Brian Williams - University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
March 1st, 2007

"How to See the World (On Someone Else's Budget)"

Stephanie Griest, Author
February 27th, 2007

"The Groundfloor of Peacebuilding: Grassroots Influence in the Balkans"

Paula Pickering, College of William and Mary
February 22nd, 2007

"Property Rights and Property Wrongs in Russia"

Timothy Frye, Columbia University
February 15th, 2007

"Bugs in Twentieth-Century Russian Literature"

Shannon Donnally Spasova, UW-Madison
February 8th, 2007

"'It's Hard to Convey': Memory, the Gulag, and Issues in Oral History"

Jehanne Gheith, Duke University
February 1st, 2007

"Chekov at the Moscow Art Theater"

Anatoly Smeliansky, Head of the Moscow Art Theatre School
January 30th, 2007

Fall 2006

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Cauldron of Terrorism or Bowl of Kasha? New Survey Data from North Caucaus "

Ted Gerber, University of Wisconsin-Madison
September 7, 2006

"We Have Never Been German " or "What Kaliningrad Can Teach Us About Social Memory"

Olga Sezneva, University of Chicago
September 14, 2006

"Turkey's EU Path: How Long is the Journey "

Soner Cagaptay, Director of Turkish Research Program, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
September 20, 2006

"EU Accession and the Politics of Rescaling in the Estonian - Russian Borderlands"

Robert J. Kaiser, Professor of Geography, UW-Madison
September 21, 2006

"Hungarian Roma Self-Governance: Help or Hindrance?"

Robert Koulish, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Goucher College
September 28, 2006

"Why do Postcommunist Parties in New Democracies Hurt Themselves? A Model of Strategic Preemption"

Monika Nalepa, Assistant Professor of Policial Science, Rice University
October 5, 2006

"Crime and Punishment: The Remarkable Theatre of Kama Ginkas"

Manon van de Water, Associate Professor of Theatre, UW Madison
October 12, 2006

"Ferdinand Vanek is Misunderstood: Vaclav Havel's Political and Philosophical Ideas"

James Pontuso, Elliott Professor of Political Science at Hampden-Sydney College, VA
October 16, 2006

"People and Procedures: Toward the History of the Investigations of the Nazi War Crimes in the USSR"

Marina Sorokina, Senior Researcher at the Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Department Head at the Russkoe Zarubezh'e Library-Foundation
October 26, 2006

"Retreat from Europe? Illiberal Populism and Homophobia in Latvia"

Katrina Schwartz is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Florida
November 2, 2006

"Representation Through Taxation: Taxability and the Political Economy of Postcommunism"

Scott Gehlbach, Assistant Professor of Political Science, UW Madison
November 9, 2006

"Judges Joining Revolutions: The Role of Courts in Georgia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan"

Alexei Trochev is a Research Associate at the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, Queen's University (Kingston, Canada)
November 30, 2006

"Engineering Victory:  Predicting the Effects of Institutional Change on United Russia's Electoral Success in 2007"

Regina Smyth, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Indiana University.
December 7, 2006

Spring 2006

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"The Paradoxes of Mickiewicz"

Roman Koropeckyj, Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literature at UCLA
March 30, 2006

"National Cleansing: Retrobution against Nazi Collaborators in post-war Czechoslovakia"

Benjamin Frommer, Northwestern University
March 3, 2006


"The Politics of a Name in the Northern Caucasus: The Alan Controversy"

Victor Shnirelman, Fellow at the Kennan Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
February 24, 2006


"Researching Marginal Peoples on the Margins of Putin's Empire: An Ethnographic Reflection on Post-Soviet Life in Chukotka"

Patty Gray, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at University of Alaska-Fairbanks (UW Ph.D. 1998)
February 21, 2006


"Turkey's Relations with Italy in the Interwar Period"

Dilek Barlas, Professor of History at the University of Chicago
February 15, 2006


Fall 2005

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Learning to Market Fruits and Vegetables in Kyrgyzstan: A Look at Private Contracting Practices"

Kelley Cormier, PhD Candidate in Development Studies at UW-Madison
December 15, 2005


"Architecture, Social History, and State Policy: The Abu Nasr Parsa Tomb at Balkh and the Gur-i Amir in Samarqand"

Robert McChesney, Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at New York University
December 7, 2005


"Training Political Reporters in Kazakhstan: a View from the Field"

Jerry Huffman, Communications Director of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism and former anchor if WPT's "Weekend"
December 5, 2005


"Dilemmas of Russian Capitalism under Czarist Rule"

Thomas C. Owen, Associate at the Davis Center for Russian Studies at Harvard University
November 21, 2005


"Judicial Politics in Putin's Russia: An Informal Dimension"

Alexei Trochev, Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations at Queens University in Ontario
October 20, 2005


"Sex Trafficking in Russia: a Preliminary Investigation"

Lauren McCarthy, Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin - Madison
October 18, 2005


"Law, Public Policy, and Black Holes in Russia"

William B. Simons, Professor of East European Law at the Institute of East European Law and Russian Studies, University of Leiden
October 5, 2005


Poetry Reading

Sergey Gandlevsky and Philip Metres, Gandlevsky is considered by many as the most important poet living in Russia today.
October 3, 2005


"Ideology or Protest: Voting Behavior in Post-communist Eastern Europe"

Grigore Pop-Eleches, Assistant Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University
September 28, 2005


"Safrut and the Zionist Engagement with Russian Culture, 1916-1918"

Brian Horowitz, Sizeler Chair Professor and Director of Jewish Studies, Tulane University
September 20, 2005


"Balkan Connections Through Music"

Michael Kuharski, Artistic Director of Narodno! International Dancers
September 15, 2005


Spring 2005

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"A Briefing on Kyrgyzstan"

Amy Foster Rothbart, an observer in the recent Kyrgyz parliamentary elections and
Uli Schamiloglu, UW-Madison Professor - Languages and Cultures of Asia
April 5, 2005


"Miracle: A Conversation with Mark Johnson"

Mark Johnson, interviewed by Professor David McDonald
March 10, 2005

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Sport as a Cold War Battleground: The Soviet Hockey Machine"

Lecture by Robert Edelman, with responses from Al Senn and David McDonald
March 11, 2005

Windows Media (Streaming)

"The History of Azerbaijani Art"

Professor Timurchin Afandiyev, Rector of the Azerbaijan State University of Fine Arts in Baku
March 11, 2005

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Minorities in the Wars of Yugoslav Succession: A Modest Silver Lining?"

Gale Stokes, Mary Gibbs Jones Professor of History, Rice University
March 8, 2005


"Invoking the Past to Justify Present Ideologies and Politics: Worldviews and Terrorisms in Uzbekistan"

Elyor Karima, Fulbright Scholar, Historian of Medieval Islam in Central Asia
February 25, 2005

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Ukrainian Presidential Elections"

Gustav Weber
February 9, 2005


Fall 2004

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Concept of Good and Evil in Politics"

Konstantin Zavershinsky
December 9, 2004

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Muslims: Don't Remain Unenlightened: Jadid Reformism and Education in the Soviet Uzbekistan"

Shawn Lyons
December 3, 2004

Windows Media (Streaming)


Konstantin Sonin
December 2, 2004

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Publichnoe Povedenie Pushkina"

Igor Nemirovsky
November 30, 2004

Windows Media (Streaming)

"An American in Belarus"

David Kammel, UW-Madison Professor - Biological Systems Engineering
November 16, 2004

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Russian Legal Reform: Progress or Backslide?"

Peter Maggs
November 10, 2004

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Contestation and Corruption: The Impact of Political Competition in the Post-Soviet State"

Anna Grzymala-Busse, Associate Professor of Political Science at Yale
November 4, 2004

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Managed Democracy, the Constitution, and Freedom of the Press in Putin's Russia"

Peter Krug, Herman G. Kaiser Foundation, Chair in International Law, University of Oklahoma College of Law
October 15, 2004

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Teach in on Chechnya"

Professors Robert Kaiser, Uli Schamiloglu, and Ted Gerber
September 22, 2004

Windows Media (Download)

"Power and Media in Modern Russia: A Story of Love and Hate"

Mikhail Fedotov
September 16, 2004

Windows Media (Download)

Spring 2004

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Reflections on the Study of Leadership"

George Breslauer, PhD Candidate in Development Studies at UW-Madison
May 3, 2004

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Reflections on Between Two Empires: Ahmet Agaoglu and the New Turkey"

Holly Shissler
April 15, 2004

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Population Change in Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan: Recent Developments and Long Term Trends"

Irina Badurashvili
April 7, 2004

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Making Sense of Polish-Jewish Relations"

David Ost
March 25, 2004

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Trade Unionism in Post-Soviet Russia: The Challenge of Protecting Worker's Rights"

Irene Stevenson
March 24, 2004

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Replacing a Loss: Memories in Books and Stone"

Serguei Oushakine
March 8, 2004

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Music & War: Experiences from Former Yugoslavia"

Svanibor Pettan
February 25, 2004

Windows Media (Streaming)

"The Andijan Uprising of 1898 Reconsidered"

Komatsu Hisao
January 26, 2004

Windows Media (Streaming)

Fall 2003

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Damage: The Construction of New Pristina ca. 1950s, the Prehistory of 'Warchitecture' in Kosovo and the Political Economy of Violence"

Andrew Herscher
December 5, 2003

Windows Media (Streaming)

"How Czech Literature Can Change Your Life"

Craig Cravens
December 4, 2003

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Culture, Politics, and Jewish Nationalism in Late Habsburg Galicia, 1883-1907"

Dr. Joshua Shanes
November 12, 2003

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Value, Relations, and Changing Bodies: Privatization and Property Rights in Kazakhstan"

Professor Catherine Alexander, Goldsmith's College, University of London
November 3, 2003

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Recent Developments in Lithuania"

John Tefft, Former U.S. Ambassador to Latvia
October 21, 2003

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Replacing a Loss: Memories in Books and Stone"

Serguei Oushakine
October 21, 2003

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Heritage Language Learning: Issues and Problems"

Dr. Olga Kagan, UCLA
October 8, 2003

RealPlayer (Streaming)

Spring 2003

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Aspect at Your Fingertips: Why What You Know about Matter Matters"

Laura Janda, Professor of Slavic Linguistics
Director of the Center for Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
April 11, 2003

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Gender in Transition: Feminist Initiatives in Former Yugoslavia"

Vesna Kesic, Research Coordinator, Center for Women War Victims in Zagreb, Croatia
April 8, 2003

Windows Media (Streaming)

"The People of God: Catholicism and History in Poland"

Brian Porter, Assistant Professor of History, University of Michigan
March 31, 2003

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Mobilization without Preconditions? How Anti-Americanism Shapes Islamism in Central Asia"

Edward Schatz, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Southern Illinois University
March 13, 2003

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Me Bastard, You Bastard: Multiculturalism at Home and Abroad"

Russell Valentino, Associate Professor of Russian & Cinema and Comparative Literature, Director of the Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, University of Iowa
March 7, 2003

Windows Media (Streaming)

"The Trinity in Eastern Orthodox Christianity"

Paul Valliere, McGregor Professor of the Humanities, Butler University
February 20, 2003

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Democratic Disillusionment and Populist Parties in East Central Europe"

Radek Markowski, Kosciuszko Visiting Fellow, Polish Academy of Sciences, Rutgers University
February 3, 2003

RealPlayer (Streaming)

"The Tenacity of Cultural Stereotypes: Shcherbina's Expedition to the Kazak Steppe, 1896-1903"

Gulnar Kendirbai, Columbia University
January 24, 2003

Windows Media (Streaming)

Fall 2002

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Settlement of the Returning Kazakh Diaspora: Viewed From Without and Within"

Alex Diener, Graduate Student, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison
December 6, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

"You're Here, What's There: Untangling the Development Web in Central Asia"

Jennifer Brick, Graduate Student, Department of Political Science, UW-Madison
October 22, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

"From Pavlik to Pushkin: Ideological and Artistic Changes in Moscow Theatres for Young Audiences"

Manon Van de Water, Associate Professor ofTheatre and Drama, UW-Madison
October 4, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

"NATO and European Union Enlargement: A Lithuanian View"

Vygaudas Usackas, Lithuanian Ambassador to the United States
September 27, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Austrian Galicia: The Importance of the Austrian/Russian Border Region in the First Decades of the Twentieth Century"

Alison Frank
September 20, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Mortality in Kyrgyzstan before and after the Break-up of the Soviet Union"

Michel Guillot, UW-Madison
September 13, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

Spring 2002

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Southeastern Europe and EU Enlargement: How Necessary Is It? A Greek Perspective"

Andreas Andrianopoulos
April 8, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Islam, Irredentism, and the Prospects for Stability in the Balkans"

Andreas Andrianopoulos
April 11, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Travels and Experiences of Two American Doctors in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan"

John Doyle and John Stevenson, UW-Madison Medical School
April 18, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Armageddon Averted: The Soviet Collapse, 1970-2000"

Stephen Kotkin, Princeton University
April 16, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

"The Making of the Turks: Some Thoughts on Turk Origins and the Formation of the Turkic Peoples"

Peter Golden, Rutgers University
April 19, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Institutional Change and Firm Creation in East-Central Europe: An Embedded Politics Approach"

Gerald McDermott, The Wharton School
April 22, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

"New Religious Movements in Contemporary Russia"

Aleksandr Panchenko, Visiting Fulbright Scholar
April 22, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Ethnic Mobilization Without Prerequisites: The East European Gypsies"

Zoltan Barany, Department of Government: University of Texas, Austin
April 25, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

Merje Kuus, George Mason University
March 15, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

"The Aftermath of War: Lessons from Yugoslavia"

Svetlana Broz
March 1, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

Scott Levi
February 28, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Unexpected Outcomes: Integrating Russia into the Study of Comparative Politics"

Rob Moser, UT-Austin
February 22, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Jews and Polish Society: Successes and Failures of Assimilation in the 19th Century"

Ted Week, Southern Illinois University
February 15, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Preparing for an International Career"

John Bengel
February 14, 2002

Windows Media (Streaming)

Fall 2001

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Politics, Society, and Reform in Russia: Perspectives from the Yablonko Party"

Alexander Kobrinski, Professor of Russian Literature, Herzen State Pedagogical University, St. Petersburg, Russia
December 10, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Continuing and Higher Education in the Republic of Belarus: Problems and Perspectives"

Larsya Tryhubava, Department Head for Adult Education
Minsk State Linguistics University
December 3, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"The Music and Culture of the Laz People"

Birol Topaloglu
November 12, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Russian, Central Asian and Turkish Reaction to September 11: Impressions From an International Conference"

Kemal Karpat, Professor, Department of History
November 2, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"The Refugee Problem in Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan's Role in the Caucasus"

Elin Suleymanov, First Secretary/Press Officer
Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan
October 29, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Vote Once More for My Husband, Please: Construction and Deconstruction of Lies in Yugoslavia (Case Studies from the Domain of the Visual)"

Mileta Prodanovic, Mr. Prodanovic is one of the founders of the "Belgrade circle - association of the independent intellectuals" in 1991 and of the "Writers Forum" - the society of independent authors in Belgrade, in 1999.
October 26, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Central Asia Ten Years After"

Anatoly Khazanov, Professor of Anthropology, UW-Madison
October 13, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

Spring 2001

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Juries and the Reform of Inquisitorial Justice: Russia's New Jury Law in
Comparative Perspective"

Stephen Thaman, Professor of Law,
St. Louis University
April 30, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"The Making of an Underclass in Transitional Societies: The Roma Ghetto-Poor in Central Europe"

Ivan Szelenyi, Professor of Sociology,
Yale University
April 27, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"The Sudeten Question in Czechoslovakia, 1930-8: A Reappraisal"

Mark Cornwall, Professor of History
University of Dundee
University of Toronto
April 23, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"The Balkans after Milosevic"

Jacques Rupnik, Director of Research at Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Internationales in Paris
April 12, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"The Return of Europe: the Countries of East-Central Europe and their Journey to the EU"

Jacques Rupnik, Director of Research at Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Internationales in Paris
April 11, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Rewriting the Red Calendar: Holidays for a New Russia"

Kelly Smith, Visiting Professor of Government
Georgetown University
April 6, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Diversity of Poetical Monotone -- A Poetry Reading"

From authors Mayakovsky, Severjanin, Pasternak, Sasha Chernyj, Vosnesenskij, Brodsky, Vyssotsky, Erdman, and Okudzhava

Veniamin Smekhov
April 5, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"New Russia: Sex and Television"

Yelena Khanga, Host of the most controversial and popular television
show in Russia "About It"
April 3, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Mass Support for Ethnonationalism in Russia: A Reappraisal"

Donna Bahry, Professor of Political Science
Vanderbilt University
March 26, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"For Each Enemy, Another Trial: Scripting Confession in the Stalinist Show Trials"

Julie Cassiday, Assistant Professor of Russian
Williams College
March 21, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"The Place of Place in Democratic Transition”"

Valerie Bunce, Professor of Government,
Cornell University
March 9, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Remembering Without Commemoration: East European Roma and the Romani Holocaust"

Michael Stewart, Senior Lecturer of Anthropology,
University College, London
March 1, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

"The Evolution of ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ in Russian Film from Perestroika to Putin"

Benjamin Rifkin, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures,
February 28, 2001

Windows Media (Streaming)

Fall 2000

Lecture Title, Speaker and Date Download

"Postsocialist Portfolios: Network Strategies in the Shadow of the State"

David Stark, Chair, and Arnold A. Saltzman Professor of Sociology and International Affairs,
Columbia University
December 1, 2000

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Surviving Capitalism in Northern Russia: A Gendered Analysis"

Michael Burawoy, Professor of Sociology
University of California, Berkeley
November 17, 2000

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Russia in 2000: A Political Interlude"

Marietta Chudakova, Professor of Literature
Institute of Literature, Moscow
November 14, 2000

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Political, Economic and Legal Institutions: Evidence from Russia's Regions"

Tim Frye, Professor of Political Science,
Ohio State University
November 13, 2000

Windows Media (Streaming)

"After the Yugoslav Elections: Hope for the New Balkans"

Featured participants:
Lynda Kellam (Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Tomislav Longinovic (Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Jason Wittenberg (Assistant Professor of Political Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
October 30, 2000

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Feminist Discourse East-West"

Ewa Hauser, Director, Center for Polish and Central European Studies,
Professor of Political Science
University of Rochester
October 27, 2000

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Organisational Farm Choice in Balkan Transition"

Rachel Wheeler, Development Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison
October 6, 2000

Windows Media (Streaming)

"A Pleiad of Russian-Jewish Composers"

Izaly Zemtsovsky, International Ethnomusicologist
September 26, 2000

Windows Media (Streaming)

"Why Force Could Not Have Saved the USSR: Rethinking the Mobilization/Coercion Relationship"

Mark Beissinger, Professor of Political Science
University of Wisconsin-Madison
September 25, 2000

Windows Media (Streaming)