June 2014 Events

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Make Music Madison

2nd Annual Music Festival


When: Saturday, June 21, all day

Where: Various locations


Make Music Madison is an annual one-day citywide, free, outdoor music festival to be held on the Summer Solstice, June 21. The goal is to generate a continuous wall of music as people walk around participating spaces. “Music” is whatever live sound an individual or group wishes to produce, and whatever the hosting space accepts. The festival will be inclusionary in terms of genres, ethnicities, styles of music, skill levels of musicians, and in the use of public and private spaces throughout our community. There now are over 700 communities around the world celebrating the Summer Solstice with a music festival.


This year's bands include Tri Bratovchedki (a cappella from Eastern Europe) and Intemperance Collective (an acoustic Balkan band). For a complete list of artists and performances, click here!

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"Kazakh-Qing relations in the Second Half of the 18th Century"

Bakhyt Ezhenkhan Uli, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, University of Wisconsin-Madison


When: Tuesday, June 24, 4:00pm

Where: 2190 Grainger Hall

Sponsors: The Central Eurasian Studies Summer Institute (CESSI)


About the Speaker: Bakhyt Ezhenkhan-Uli is currently a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at UW-Madison’s Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia.  He received his Masters from Xinjiang University and earned his Ph.D. from Nanjing University with a doctoral thesis titled “The Turkic Tribes in the Altai Mountains Region before the Mongol Era.”  Since earning his degree, Ezhenkhan-Uli has held a variety of positions in both China and Kazakhstan with organizations such as the Institute of History and Ethnology and the Kazakh Academy of Labor and Social Relationships. Today, he is the Chief Research Fellow at the B. Suleimenov Institute of Oriental Studies in Almaty. 


About the Lecture: In the second half of 18th century, intensive economic and political relations were established between the Qing Empire and the Kazakhs. The relations did not only influence the Kazakh society, but also deeply changed the political as well as ethno-cultural maps of the western frontier land of Qing Empire. Using newly released Qing dynasty archival documents, this talk will examine some aspects of the historical relations and their modern legacies, such as the early understandings of Qing Empire about Kazakhs and the emergence of the Qing territorial claim to the east and south of Balkash Lake (in modern Kazakhstan).

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Screening: Russia vs. Algeria with Russian Commentary

2014 FIFA World Cup


When: Thursday, June 26, 3:00pm

Where: 104 Van Hise Hall


Watch the World Cup with native language commentary! Learning Support Services will be organizing a series of native-language broadcasts of weekday World Cup matches in rooms 104 and 114 Van Hise Hall (1220 Linden St.). Games will be broadcast on large projection screens in adjacent rooms with live audio commentary from radio broadcasters in the participating nations.


For more information on this project and a schedule of matches, click here!

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