Undergraduate Alumni

These alumni of the University of Wisconsin-Madison earned the Undergraduate Certificate in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies (REECAS). In addition to fulfilling the requirements for a B.S. or B.A. degree in an established major in a school or college of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, they also successfully completed seven REECAS courses in history, the social sciences, and literature and the arts.

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2013 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Emily Brennan Anthropology
Stephanie Krueger Legal Studies
Rebecca Voigt History
2012 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Evan Diehnelt History
Frances Grogan English
Madelyn Kasprzak Anthropology
Jessica Koshler Communicative Disorders
Luke Petrovich History and Political Science
Lauren Tomasek International Studies
Alexander Zielske History and Political Science
Shannon Tanski International Studies
2011 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Elizabeth Appelt International Studies
Magdalena Bojda Journalism, Polish
Jennifer Bukowski Russian, History
Sean Crocker International Studies, History
Christopher Kousouros International Studies
Peter James Political Science, History
William Schuth III History
Grace Tran Russian, History
Elizabeth Waugh French, Spanish, Russian
2010 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Peter J. Bruins Political Science
Sally Debauche History
Clare Manion Linguistics
Brendan Wilson International Studies
Adelle Choinard Anthropology
Tomasz Samek International Studies, Polish
Rachel Miller Political Science
Amanda Meyers Political Science, Russian
Stephanie Lackey International Studies
Katherine Kucinski Political Science, Legal Studies
Roxolana Kozyckyj International Studies
Andrew Fredericks International Studies
Rebecca Armstrong History
April Anello French
2009 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Samantha Ringer History
Samuel Balistreri-Daum French, History
Holly Schumacher Anthropology
Devon Piernot Cartography and Geographic Information Systems
Maoria Kirker History
Megan Horvath English
John J. Clements Political Science
Ryan Carpenter Psychology
Lauren Thorpe History
2008 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Sarah Gorlow Psychology
Alison Syre Economics, Political Science
Daniel Sislo Political Science
Benjamin Harguth International Studies, Political Science
Jane Gelfand Nutritional Sciences
Peter Friedericks Russian
Courtney Byelich English, History
2007 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Shane Vandenberg Economics, History, International Studies
Alex Champion History
Evangeline McGlynn Cartography and Geographic Information Systems
Barbara Luberadzka Polish, Russian
Elizabeth Klink Political Science
Angela Kilsdonk History
Jason Karnosky History
Elizabeth Dahlstrom International Studies, Political Science
Nicholas Barbash Political Science
2006 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Matthew Zelle History, Political Science
Mirela Hadzic International Studies, Political Science
Marianna Smirnova Asian Studies, International Public Affairs, Political Science
Andrew Grant Geography
Paul Sussman Communication Arts
Peter Bowlus Political Science
2005 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Kinga Litwiniuk History, Italian
Nikolai A. Isayev International Studies, Russian
Maren Solberg Journalism
Aaron Smith Political Science
Rosemary Carroll History
Scott Appleton History, International Studies
Richard Antaramian History
Alexis Schrubbe History
2004 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Kevin Murphy Finance, Investment and Banking, Political Science, Russian
Courtney Slovin Political Science
Mark Marohl History
Sheryl Jones History
Peter Delp Political Science
2003 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Megan Hite Russian
Nathaniel Jones International Relations, Political Science
Kelley Sander International Relations, Political Science
David Vogel Political Science, History
Megan Williamson International Relations, Political Science
Lee Yang Political Science, Russian
2002 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Christina Brown Russian, English
Leah Klimoski International Relations, Political Science
Bonnie Ray History
Deborah Silver Political Science
Gregg Tarter Economics, History
Bonniejean Hutchison International Relations
Brant Paulson Finance, Investment and Banking, Accounting, Economics, International Relations, Political Science,
2001 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Andrea Contreras International Relations, French
Thomas Paprocki Russian
Kelly Zagrodnik History
2000 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Douglas Beachy Comparative Literature
Sarah Goff International Relations, Political Science
Brent Helt Political Science
Heather Kurata Russian
Eugene Stupinsky International Relations, Zoology
1999 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Travis Dilweg History
Yuri Gusak Economics
Pola Jakacki Geography
Erik Johnson Economics
1998 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Denise Sandell Political Science
Michael Sigal Russian
1997 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Karen Baumgartner International Relations, Political Science
Renee Gimski History, Library and Information Studies
Daniel Grant History
Benjamin Jensen English, Communication Arts
Amanda Stowers Political Science
1996 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Aimee Dobbs Russian, History
Jeanne Grant History
Lara Signorelli German Russian
1995 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Angela Frizzo History, Russian
Jason Ostergren History, Russian
Eric Wierzba Political Science, History
Eric Davenport History
1994 Graduates Back to Top
Name Major
Robert Pawlaszek Political Science